Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Things That Confuse Me About Dallas

In honor of almost being in my new city for one month, I thought I'd brainstorm some of the biggest differences between Austin and DFW:

1. There is no HEB

2. On the subject of grocery stores, everybody looks at me funny when I walk in with my reusable grocery bags

2. Women wear makeup to go running/workout

3. Nothing is open past midnight.

4. There are no college bars because there is no college scene, despite being home to SMU.

5. You must valet. Everywhere. Even though...

6. There is so much street parking.

7. You can pick a place, any place and walk three blocks one direction and find yourself in a fancy-pancy neighborhood with streets named after things like golf and Oxford. You can go back to that same point and walk three blocks in the other direction and hear gunshots.

8. Homeless people keep to themselves. They don't even stop to say hi.

9. There is no such thing as dollar shot night. 

10. People in Dallas have the prettiest teeth I've ever seen. 


  1. There's this Gap near the Czech Stop on the way to Dallas and I went in there once to buy a few shirts and I brought a reusable bag and the girl at the counter was so confused even though there was a wall of reusable bags for sale behind her.

  2. I, too, am a recent Austin to DFW transplant and I can't stand it for most of the above reasons - particularly the lack of places that are open late. I miss Austin like crazy.