Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Ode to Chalkboard Paint

What do crocs, boho gypsy skirts, and Coldplay all have in common? They were things, that at one point, I became so obsessed with their trendiness, I couldn't see how unfortunate and silly they actually were. I try to resist passing fads with all my might, just because I know the sad feeling of when they disappear faster than they came all too well.

And if spending my days on pinterest has taught me anything, it's that chalkboard paint is all the rage.

I haven't had time to invest in a can myself, and before I do, I'm sure the craze will be over. So, instead of plastering my wall with thick black paint only for it to go out of style in three minutes, I give you, my homage to the chalkboard.

There is something that just feels so right about having a massive wall to write your grocery list on.

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