Monday, April 23, 2012

Photobomb: April

The month of April has been absolutely insane, mostly because I've been in production for UTG's After The Fall by Arthur Miller. I was technical director which means I ran around for three weeks pulling my hair out, constantly covered in a thin layer of paint and glue. 

I'll go more into detail about the show when production stills are out so most of this will make way more sense once you can see the finished product, but here's a sample of the craziness we took on: we built a 12 ft. pvc tower. Yah. That happened.

Here's a photo of the finished piece, this isn't a very good angle of it but I have never been as proud of an inanimate object as this thing. That's me and our lovely stage manager, Sam. We matched for opening night, classy I know. 

Final dress rehearsal: I was dressing our lead and then discovered that his suspenders looked better with my ensemb than his. I need some. Badly.

The same weekend as the show I through a karaoke party for my housemates which proved to be the best stress reliever ever. 

And then I finished the weekend off by eating these: red velvet pancakes. That's what's up.


  1. Wow, suspenders and red velvet pancakes in one post? That's a lot of awesome for a Monday, dear. :)