Friday, March 30, 2012

Bands You Need To Be Listening To

Or, Old & Recent Friends Who Are Incredibly Talened

Whysowhite is a 9, yes that's right, 9 piece band from Chicago. They're all strapping young lads who met during college at Northwestern but act like true Southern Gentlemen. Think Beastie Boys, meets brass band, meets the best damn funk band you've ever heard. They covered the All That theme song. Need I say more?

The Preservation played a sxsw showcase at my house. Not only were they incredibly sweet and fun to work with, they put on one of my favorite sets of the festival. They blend a happy family-like bluegrassy feel with the   sensibilities of an indie pop group. I like em. I like em a lot a lot.

Sun Hotel “Got Along” (Acoustic) Live From Austin, TX 1/1/2012 from Chinquapin Records on Vimeo.

These guys are a class act if ever there was one. Straight from New Orleans, they're a southern indie rock group like no other. Simple, no nonsense, and true to their roots.

Hello Caller is a local favorite. They make me smile whenever I hear them play. They strike the perfect balance between their folky banjo, dramatic trumpet, and the classic feel of their cello. If you're ever down, listen to this song. It gets me every time. 

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